Hario olive wood and ceramic manual grinder

Hario olive wood and ceramic manual grinder

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Hario Olive Wood Coffee Grinder

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Wood Grinder is a highly functional piece of coffee equipment. The ceramic and olive wood body, complete with stainless steel BPA-free plastic casing around the burrs, are a visually striking combination.

The grinder’s rust-resistant conical ceramic burrs are capable of grinding coffee for various brewing methods (except espresso) and can be easily adjusted. Despite being half-ceramic, the grinder is actually lightweight and portable, built to enhance your grip and stability. Pair the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Grinder with other devices in Hario’s olive wood line to curate a stunning series.


  • Height 21.5cm; Width 16.5cm; Depth 8.5cm
  • 30g Capacity


  • Ceramic / Olive Wood

Additional Info:

  • Adjustable Ceramic Burr
  • Control and Consistency